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When to Call for Emergency Roof Repairs

Sometimes it’s obvious when you need emergency assistance. If you have a car accident or a broken bone, you call for help fast. With emergency roof repairs, if a disaster happens you don’t put off contacting a roofer.

But sometimes you may not be sure if you’re experiencing an actual emergency or if it’s something that can wait. Will the situation get worse if you delay or could you just live with it until the next business day? If you’re wondering, this article is for you. We’re going to look at types of emergency roof repairs, when to contact a trustworthy roofing company and what you can do to minimize damage while you wait for help.

Why You Might Need Emergency Roof Repairs

Mother Nature isn’t always nurturing and maternal. Sometimes she lashes out with severe, destructive force, causing roofing storm damage. These nasty surprises can create a need for emergency roof repairs in minutes, sometimes seconds.

Roofing Wind Damage

A roof claims report by Independent Insurance Agents of Texas points out Texas has some of the planet’s most severe weather. In the four year period they measured for their report, windstorms and hail accounted for 61 percent of Texas homeowners’ losses. You’ve seen strong winds sweep through our area, but you might not realize what they’re doing to your roof.

Often wind damage doesn’t happen all at once. Strong wind gusts and blowing debris create stress points over time. The corners and edges are hit hardest, sometimes tearing and prying at roofing materials. Each storm works pieces a little looser. The storm that finally pries away shingles might not even be that severe, but suddenly you have roofing wind damage.

Falling Trees

KLTV news recently reported about a heart-stopping moment in Gilmer that nearly cost two lives. One night in late March, a woman and her daughter were sleeping when a pine tree smashed through their roof and slammed through the bedroom ceiling. The tree stopped its fall just above the bed, narrowly missing the two sleepers.

The tree was so tall it hit two homes. The bedroom was demolished. The mother had to drag her daughter out from beneath the branches. If furniture in the room hadn’t been placed the way it was, they could have been crushed.

Trees age, become diseased or get weakened by storms. If a tree or large branches fall on your roof, you probably need emergency roof repairs. It’s always best to keep the limbs around your home trimmed back, but sometimes trees can still topple toward your home. Pine trees are especially notorious for creating extensive damage in an instant.

House Fire

Fire destroys everything it touches. Smoke damage is often even more pervasive. If your home catches on fire, it may look like there’s not much left to salvage. Call us anyway. We may be able to provide emergency roof repairs that protect what’s left and give you time to assess the rest of the damage.

Lightning Strike

Texas has severe thunderstorms year round, but they might be especially ferocious in Spring. In 2017, Texas had the most cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the nation at 3.3 million. Over a ten year period, we ranked second in lightning-related fatalities. In a year, Texas also had 9,098 lightning strike claims from State Farm customers, with an average cost of nearly $10 thousand per claim. If lightning strikes your roof and creates a hole, you’ll need emergency roof repairs.

Sudden Mysterious Leaks

You thought your roof was fine, now all the sudden there’s water getting in. Water might be streaming through an opening as small as a pinhole, and it can be hard for homeowners to find. Sometimes water seeps under damaged flashing or along valleys and runs along the underside of your roof to appear far from the actual leak. If water is getting in your home and you can’t stop it, it’s an emergency.

Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Help

If you’re reading this trying to figure out whether or not you need emergency roof repairs, go ahead and give us a call. If you’re not sure, we can answer your questions before we send help. Our roofing experts are trained to evaluate your specific situation, and they’re eager to help. We’ve already mentioned water leaks. Here are a few other signs you definitely need help:

  • Your roof has a hole from lightning, a fallen tree or other impact
  • Storm winds or a tornado blew off shingles
  • You found pests in your attic that created holes
  • Flashing is missing or damaged
  • You experienced a home fire

Why You Need a Roofer Fast

Some homeowners ask if they can just throw a tarp over the problem and wait until they’re ready to deal with it. However, when your roof is compromised that’s not a good option.

Most homeowners don’t have what they need to evaluate the extent of the roofing damage. A roof with a problem is unstable, so it poses a safety risk. Roof repair requires specific tools and materials, and if it isn’t done right, it can create more problems. An expert roofer will come with both the tools and the knowledge to handle your emergency roof repairs right and in a cost-effective manner.

Immediately after an emergency, you need damage control. Sometimes homeowners take steps to repair problems that end up complicating insurance claims and voiding warranties. If you can do so safely, it’s okay to throw a tarp over a hole and move valuables to protect them. As much as you can, stay off a damaged roof and out of the area impacted by the issue. Our roofing experts will secure your home and stop water from coming in, and we’ll do it in a way that protects your potential claim.

One of the biggest mistakes we see homeowners make is putting off roof repairs because they’re afraid calling for service after hours will cost more. When your home is open to the elements, damage happens fast. It’s much more affordable to secure the situation as soon as possible, then decide what to do next when the crisis is over.

We have an online contact form for customers who want to schedule an appointment. If you’re experiencing an emergency, call (903)707-2219 for immediate answers and fast service.

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