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How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof

No one wants to pay to replace their roof. Roof replacements can be costly and can disrupt the flow of your business. However, there is an alternative. A commercial roof coating can provide a reliable roof system with a low installation cost.

Roof coatings are applied as a liquid or foam, creating a uniform membrane to cover your existing roof. After your roof is coated, it will be once again protected from the elements with a water-tight addition to your existing roof.

Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

  • Increase roof life – The life of your roof can be extended up to ten years with a commercial roof coating.
  • Lower your AC bill – Roof coatings protect your building from ultraviolet rays, diverting heat away and reducing the energy needed to cool your building.
  • Cost-effective – Coatings are applied directly on top of your existing roof system. This means that we spend less time repairing your roof and you spend less money fixing it.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Your aging roof will be like new, improving the appearance of your building.
  • Friendly to the environment – Reusing the current materials on your roof reduces waste and many types of roof coatings contain little to no VOCs and therefore are more environmentally friendly.
  • Little workflow disruption – A full roof replacement can take away from the workplace environment. Commercial roof coatings are quick and easy, meaning the flow within your building will be disturbed far less than a full replacement.

Types of Coating

There are three major types of roof coating to consider when deciding to restore your roof. Each has pros and cons that should be carefully weighed before you come to a decision.


Polyurethane coatings are more impact-resistant than any other coating. There are two main types of polyurethanes: aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic polyurethanes are less expensive, but not UV stable. Aliphatic are UV stable, hold color well, and stay much cleaner than other coatings.

Polyurethanes are extremely durable and do not degrade much over time. They’re highly resistant to ponding water and are completely water-tight. However, they’re also much more expensive and the materials must be carefully handled and stored prior to installation as they are flammable.


Silicone-based coatings are made of a silicone resin. They are comprised mostly of solid content that is waterproof and extremely reflective. Because they contain a much higher solid content than acrylic coatings, the coating can reach the proper thickness in less layers than acrylic can.

Silicone tends to be more expensive than acrylic coatings. They also have a shorter cure time, meaning a second layer can be applied the same day. However, they are also prone to holding dirt, tear easily, and may lose reflective properties over time. An additional drawback of silicone roofing is that further roof repairs may have to also be done using silicone components, as this type of coating doesn’t work well with other materials.


Acrylic roof coatings are water-based and made up of flexible acrylic polymers. They are sprayed on existing roofs and harden into a sort of crust. As there is a certain level of elasticity in acrylic coatings, it can more easily expand or contract and does not easily tear. These types of coatings last well in a multitude of different environments, but also lose some thickness over time.

It takes several days for the acrylic to cure, meaning that installation takes longer than silicone. Since acrylic coatings contain organic compounds, there may also be a slight odor while it is curing.

Acrylic coatings take up the majority of the market and tend to be more popular in Texas than other types of coatings.

What Roofs Can Be Coated?

Almost all types of commercial roofs can be coated, including metal, bitumen, and built-up roof systems. However, some rougher types of roofing may need a coat of primer to prepare for coating.

How to Get Your Roof Coated

If you want to coat your commercial roof, the first step is to have it inspected. Your local professionals can advise you on the best type of coating for your roof and schedule the next steps for your business. Any pre-existing damage to your roof should be repaired before a coating is applied.

Your roof may need to be primed before a coating is applied. After you have it inspected, allot time for it to be primed and coated. Make arrangements ahead of time and plan for any setbacks. It may need multiple coats and there will have to be time for it to cure between coats. If you’re using an acrylic coating, there may be days between coats. Speak to your local professionals ahead of time so you can create a timetable for your coating that best meets the needs of your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of commercial roof coatings vary based on the type of roof and type of coating system. Repairing your roof prior to applying the coating will also impact the cost of your new roof system. But flat roof coatings average about $3 to $5 per square foot.

A Word of Caution

Roof coatings are a great way to save money and keep your roof in good shape, but if your roof system is failing entirely, they cannot repair the damage. If there are wide-spread problems with your existing roof such as wet insulation, rotting interior, or other such problems, then a roof coating won’t help. Any pre-existing problems with your roof should be addressed before you apply a roof coating.

Wrapping Up

With a roof restoration, you can extend the life of your roof, reduce your energy costs, and even save materials. Your local roofing professionals are here to help. For a free inspection and an estimate on your roof coating, contact us today.

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