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Gutter Repair vs. Gutter Replacement in East Texas

You face a decision every time something you own breaks. Should you try to fix it, or should you just buy a new one? In each case, you weigh the cost of fixing it against the likelihood of it breaking again soon. If replacing it is more expensive, you still consider doing so if you get something in return. The debate goes on when East Texans consider gutter repair vs. gutter replacement. We’ll help evaluate what’s right for you.

Why You Need Gutters

Almost everyone has gutters that get tired looking as time goes by. Debris falls on them. Pebbles and falling pine cones dent them. You have to clean them out once or twice a year, and you scratch them with the ladder.

Cosmetic defects really don’t matter, but how your gutters function is extremely important. They aren’t just there so rain doesn’t fall on your head when you walk in and out the door. They protect your home from water in a big way.

Water intrusion is your home’s worst enemy. If it gets where it shouldn’t, the wooden support structures could start to rot. Walls might grow mold and mildew. Your stuff could get ruined.

Gutters mostly take care of water that flows off your roof. When rain hits the roof, it all runs off in just a few directions. If you don’t have gutters or your gutters malfunction, it falls from a height.

Large amounts of water hit the ground at once, their force compounded by gravity. Precipitation displaces the dirt that keeps your foundation in place. Water can flow underneath your porous slab, or your slab can start to shift.

Instead of relatively inexpensive gutter work, you could need supports replaced or foundation repair. A minor home repair becomes a major expense. Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t likely to help, since they’ll argue you should have stayed on top of home maintenance.

Signs Your Gutters Are Screaming For Attention

If you stay on the lookout, you can keep it from happening. Pay attention to the signs you need to call a gutter expert.

Gutters are Sagging or Uneven

Water should flow to downspouts at the corners of your home. If your gutters have a sag, bend, dip or they look like the’re at a strange angle, water can’t go where it’s supposed to. Do a periodic walk-around to make sure all your gutters look straight and functional.

You See Signs of Water In Your Attic

If water gets in and you don’t have a roof leak, your gutters could be the culprit. Climb up in your attic every time seasons change and make sure you don’t see water spots or mildew.

Gutter Fasteners Fall Off

If you find hardware that came loose during the last East Texas storm, you need to re-attach it as soon as possible. Gutters that aren’t securely fastened will sag, crease and tear away from your home.

Water Puddles Around Your Foundation

Sometimes grass starts to die and a valley develops along your home’s perimeter. That could indicate your gutters aren’t working right and the water they’re supposed to redirect is still flowing onto the ground. You could end up with mold inside or cracks in your foundation.

When Gutter Repair is Probably Enough

Like every other home repair issue, each case is unique. Use common sense and if you’re unsure, consult an expert. That being said, here are the situations where it’s probably sufficient to just repair your gutters or have an East Texas gutter repair expert fix what’s already there.

  • The problem is only in one or two areas, not the whole gutter system.
  • It’s just a seam or joint that’s leaking.
  • Any cracks or holes are small. Bigger holes won’t stay permanently repaired.
  • You noticed hardware right after it came loose. If you put it right back on and no further damage occurred, you’re good to go.

When to Plan for a Full Gutter Replacement

Even though the average gutter repair only costs around 60 percent of a complete gutter replacement, there are a number of reasons homeowners choose to start over. For starters, older gutters are often made of steel, a material that rusts. New gutters are aluminum, so they stay rust-free for a lifetime.

If your older steel gutters are starting to have problems, those problems are likely to continue. Even if you can fix them now, it might be cheaper in the long run to start over.

No matter what your existing gutters are made of, it’s better to call an East Texas gutter replacement professional for new ones if the problems are pervasive. When your whole gutter system has holes, cracks, rust and leaky seams, it will cost as much or more to repair them, and that repair might not be a lasting solution.

Also, if you’ve tried to make repairs and you keep noticing more problems, that’s a sign you need new gutters.

Most importantly, you want to replace gutters fast if overflow is causing water to get in your home. Foundation problems are extremely costly to fix. If your gutter problems are threatening the integrity of your foundation, it’s not worth trying to patch them. You need a lasting, effective fix.

The Best Way to Decide Between Gutter Repair vs. Gutter Replacement

Sometimes even with a list of things to look for, homeowners struggle whether they should try to fix what they have or budget for a replacement. It’s not always an easy answer.

Sometimes gaps, cracks and fractures don’t look very big to you, but you don’t want to take a chance on them allowing water through your fascia. Or, it might be your gutter system is in better shape than you think and only needs minimal repairs.

That’s when it helps to have a second set of eyes and input from an expert in gutter systems. When you need a reputable, experienced and locally-owned roofing contractor, Estes Roofing and Construction is your gutter repair and gutter replacement expert. We offer free evaluations, and we always stand behind our work. We’ll send someone to help no matter the size or complexity of the issue you face. Schedule an appointment online today.

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