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East Texas Roof Repairs – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re worried about your roof, you might be putting off calling an expert because you’re worried about the expense. Our guide covers everything about East Texas roof repairs from why you need them to how to get them.

Reasons You Might Need Roof Repairs

Your roof doesn’t have to be old to need repair. At Estes Roofing, homeowners frequently call us to help figure out why shingles are coming off or water is getting in when their roof is only a few years old. Usually that’s due to incorrect installation.

Sometimes installation crews work in a hurry. They don’t line shingles up properly, and the tar strip on the back never seals. A strong wind is enough to tear shingles right off the nails.

Unsealed nail heads on ridge caps, valleys and roof surfaces also create problems. When they aren’t sealed, nails gradually work loose and allow water to get in. It’s such a tiny hole the leak might go unnoticed for months, and it’s extremely difficult to find.

Debris on your roof can obstruct drainage. Where water pools, it can back up under shingles. Over time, that part of your roof will deteriorate more quickly.

Improper ventilation also creates a need for roof repairs. If you have a bathroom or kitchen vent that pumps moist air into your attic, that moisture weakens structural supports and the back side of roof decking.

Signs You Should Call for East Texas Roof Repairs Now

Sometimes strong winds or thunderstorms sweep through and you see shingles laying in your driveway. That’s a clear sign your roof needs attention before the next rainstorm hits. However, other signs are more subtle and may include the following:

  • Peeling paint on exterior surfaces – If there’s moisture where there shouldn’t be, paint bubbles and peels. Look for it on siding, soffits and fascia.
  • Water spots on interior surfaces – Discoloration on your ceilings or walls is a sign of water intrusion.
  • Leaks when it rains – This is the most common reason people call for East Texas roof repairs.
  • Daylight in your attic – When people notice a leak, often one of the first things they do is climb in the attic to try and find the source. If you see sunshine coming from anywhere but attic vents, you need roof repair.
  • Skyrocketing cooling bills – If your utility bills are suddenly through the roof, your roof might be the problem. Call for a free roof evaluation before you get estimates on A/C replacement.
  • A tree falls through your roof – This one seems obvious, but sometimes you just have to make sure it’s been said…

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

As you can imagine, fixing one part of a roof is much cheaper than tearing off the whole thing and adding a new one. So when can you get away with East Texas roof repairs, and when are you better off starting over?

If your roof is more than 15 years old, go ahead and replace it. It might cost less today to patch leaks and replace missing shingles, but the clock is ticking. Plus, it’s probably going to be hard to find shingles to match.

You’re probably going to notice more leaks soon, and you’ll have to call us to come right back. You might get a few more years out of your existing roof if you keep patching it, but everything you spend on roof repairs could be going toward a new roofing system.

The cost of everything goes up year over year. If you get three more years out of your roof, but you spend on repairs, plus when you do replace it you pay more for labor and materials, you’ve spent more than you would replacing it today.

There are, however, times when East Texas roof repairs are a good idea. If your roof is relatively new and the damage came from a fallen limb or high winds, it’s much less expensive to repair a small section.

Another cost-saving option is available when roof damage only exists in one section. Sometimes we can just replace shingles on one side or section to repair damage and minimize color differences.

How to Prepare for a Roof Repair

In most situations, the homeowner doesn’t need to do anything after they call us for East Texas roof repairs. We’ll work around your schedule so you don’t have to change plans for work, vacation or kids’ summer camps.

If you have leaks or we’ll be removing shingles from a large portion of your roof, we’ll talk about that when we provide your repair estimate. If we’re going to open your roof and provide extensive repairs we may recommend covering furniture, moving breakables to a safe location and taking pictures down from walls.

You don’t need to relocate during roof repairs unless the construction noise, traffic and dust bother you. When we’re finished, we’ll handle cleanup and leave your property in better shape than we found it.

Will Insurance Pay for Roof Repairs?

Much of the time you can claim East Texas roof repairs on your homeowner’s insurance. Policies vary, so you’ll need to check with your provider, but here’s what we’ve found to be generally true:

Insurance covers repair or replacement for roof damage that happens suddenly and was unavoidable. Policy language often refers to “perils,” which means causes of damage.

Common perils are wind, hail, fire or damage from trees. If one of those causes roofing problems, your homeowner’s insurance will pay to repair or replace your roof, whichever costs less. You’ll be responsible for your deductible and after that, they’ll take care of the bill. They’ll also typically cover any damage that occurred to your possessions from water getting in.

If your roof has been deteriorating for a while and you ignore it, your insurance company is less likely to be willing to pay. It’s always better to call for repairs as soon as you notice there’s an issue.

Best East Texas Roof Repairs Experts

At Estes Roofing, we’ve been repairing roofs all over East Texas for more than 23 years. We’ll fix your roof in a reasonable time frame keeping your budget in mind. Plus, our experts make repairs that last, restoring your roof to tip-top shape. Schedule your free roof evaluation today.

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